Open Your Heart

This life we have, it’s a gift from the Creator. He has blessed us with minds and hearts. To ponder with. To be grateful.

How often do we reflect on the generosity of Allah?

The reason we are so unsatisfied on a deep, heart-soul level is that we are plagued with ingratitude.

A person who frequently acknowledges and is thankful for their blessings will be at peace.

It is impossible to find gratitude and discontentment in the same heart. They are polar opposites.

The kindness of Allah, if only we truly recognised it, would soften our hearts. Even when we are undeserving of His mercy, love and kindness, He provides us with blessings from where we could least expect. He is kind to us, kinder than we are to others and ourselves. He cares for us, even when we are careless about Him. May Allah forgive us.

Reflect on the ways in which Allah has filled your life with blessings, guidance, protection, care, love and hope. Appreciate every experience He allowed to you to have which made your heart stronger and wiser. Everything we go through is a blessing, even when it is difficult, because there is always something we can learn. Something that can bring us closer to Allah if we opened our minds and hearts to reflect.

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