Gratitude, mercy and forgiveness

Have you ever stopped to wonder how different your life would be if Allah took away all the blessings you took for granted?

SubhanAllah, we have everything we need to get us through the day.

I currently have the flu and fever. I can tell you now, I have never felt so grateful to have a nose that works properly and a throat that can swallow. I only began to appreciate these blessings when they stopped working. It’s the little things that make a big difference in our lives.

You are in such a weak state when you are ill, that you begin to realise how much effort is needed to do something simple such as making a cup of tea. It’s a humbling experience. And so when others go out of their way to help you, you should appreciate them and let them know that you are thankful.

It’s the mercy in the hearts of people that makes them feel sympathy towards you. Now imagine the mercy of Allah. He blessed you with an illness or a hardship. The purpose of it was to help you turn back to Him. Perhaps you were becoming ungrateful or oblivious to His blessings upon you. So He took them away in hope that you would turn back to Him and realise that everything you have is from Allah. Sometimes we get too proud of our own achievements that we forget it was Allah who allowed us to reach whatever stage of life we are at now. So it is from His mercy that He sometimes takes a blessing away to remind us of our weaknesses as humans and that our life ultimately depends on Him.

Humility is a trait we need to embody if we ever hope to enter paradise. As we know, even a tiny amount of arrogance in our hearts will prevent us from entering Jannah. Being humble does not mean that you put yourself down and allow yourself to be mistreated by others. It means that you are able to acknowledge, deep in your heart, that every single blessing and success you have is from Allah. Yes, you may have worked hard to get where you are today, but it was only by the permission of Allah that you got there.

Always be grateful and thank Allah for your blessings. Ask forgiveness for your shortcomings because we are humans; we fall into error and forget. Remind yourself often that Allah is the Most Merciful, the Most Forgiving. Have hope in His mercy and forgiveness no matter what you do, no matter what you have done in the past.

One thought on “Gratitude, mercy and forgiveness

  1. Lovely reminder. Once i had sniffed a little pepper powder by mistake i developed a cold post that for more than a week. After the first 4 days my nose had started bleeding and i was struggling to breath the normal way. This article made me remember my struggle but I learnt what that was for today. Thank you sister!!!

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