Does He Care?

“Do you think Allah cares about that?”

When I heard those words come out from my little sister’s lips today, I was speechless (in a good way). A guilty feeling washed over me. It was time to pray Asr, but I was so caught up in doing some work. I said out loud to my sister that I would pray when I finished what I was doing. And that’s when she asked me the question.

“Do you think Allah cares about that?”

When my sister asked if Allah cared about my excuse, I thought to myself,

no… but He cares about me. No matter how many times I’ve fallen down, He has been there for me.

Her question weighed heavy on my heart. Suddenly, everything I was doing seemed pointless because I hadn’t prayed. How could I not have time for the One who gave me time? Was I truly thankful to Allah for the blessings I have? The reason I’m still alive is because He has allowed my heart to beat, my lungs to breathe and the rest of my body to function. At any moment, He could take these blessings away.

Allah has blessed us with everything we have. When we pray, we show our gratitude and devotion to Him. He cares about us. When you care about someone, you want to have a good relationship with them. And in order to have a good relationship and truly connect with someone, you have to communicate and spend time with them. That’s the beauty of prayer. We get to spend time with and talk to Allah, the One who truly cares about us.

He’s alway there and He always has been there for you. Every time you smiled, laughed and cried, Allah was taking care of you. Every time you felt heartbroken, He was there to listen whilst you poured your heart out. Every time you were in need, He was there to provide you with what you asked for. And sometimes, He gave you better than you could ever imagine.

So the next time you and I get too caught up in the material things of this worldly life, we need to really consider how much we care about our relationship with Allah. Because without a doubt, He cares. Yes, Allah cares about us. That’s why He gave us the blessing of Salah, so that we can maintain the most important relationship we will ever have: the one with Our Creator.

Whenever you struggle to prioritise your prayer, remember that your relationship with Allah determines your success in this life and in the hereafter.

When you rise for Salah, everything in your life will fall beautifully into place. ❤️

9 thoughts on “Does He Care?

      1. Thank youuu, your lovely words mean so much! ♥️
        Our prayer is the way we connect with our Creator. I truly believe that as long as we have a deep love for prayer, we can get through anything in life. When we love praying and talking to Allah, He will never abandon us or forget about us. Why should we ever be sad if our connection with Him is strong and not broken? Salah is the key to our peace of heart, in this life and the next. I hope this is something we remember throughout our lives. 💕

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