The Bigger Picture

Lost for words, looking for meaning,

Sometimes searching for, often dreaming

Of a life filled with love, happiness, abundance and peace.

*Always remember that in the hardship, there is ease.*

We forget about our blessings when times get tough,

But little do we realise that we always have enough

To keep us going throughout the day,

For this, we’re always grateful

And to Allah we give thanks and pray.

Our minds automatically start to bubble with negative thoughts when a hardship strikes. We may indulge in self-pity or sink into despair. We may feel like the whole world is against us or that everything seems to be going wrong. We are human beings and it’s normal to react emotionally when we go through a tough situation. However, it’s important that we seek to understand the bigger picture so that don’t get too carried away with our emotions.

Know that even whilst you are in a difficulty, there is always something in your life that is going right. There is always something you can be grateful for.

One of the best ways to eliminate negative thoughts is to practice being grateful to Allah, your parents and whoever else has helped you in any way, big or small. Being grateful helps you to remember the blessings that you have right now, in this moment of time. It can also help you remember the blessings that you had in the past, that gave you many good memories and experiences, that you are thankful to have had. As a result, you start to generate more hopeful thoughts about the future.

It can be hard in moments of distress to contemplate on the good things in life, but once you feel that you’re ready to move on from the pains of the past, think about the things you currently have or have had in the past- it could be anything, your family, your friends, food, water, your possessions or even qualities in yourself- that you simply appreciate having in your life. Think about the reasons why you appreciate having these things. What have they helped you with in the past? What can they do to help you in the situation you’re in right now? You can choose to write your thoughts down, if you wish. Then, when the hard times come, rather than only focusing on what appears to be going wrong, you will be able to reflect on the things that are going well in your life.

And remember, there are many people in the world whose hearts are hardened and unable to show gratitude to Allah. Let’s be different.

Just being able to recognise our blessings is a blessing in itself… Alhamdulilah ☺️

On that note, I’d like to thank each and every person in my life who has shown thier love and support. It’s been a pleasure to share my thoughts with encouraging, open-minded people like you. I hope that you benefit from these little reminders and continue to share the positivity with those around you. Keep smiling and spread the hope!

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