In Peace

Sometimes, it’s not about how high you can climb the mountain of life. What matters more is that you appreciate the view from wherever you are right now.

When you have your head in the clouds for too long, it’s hard to see where you’re going. Let the fog clear before you take your next step. Hastiness is often the cause of pain and regret.

Next time you feel like you’re always chasing happiness, time and peace, take a moment to just breathe and accept that this is where you are meant to be. Be thankful for what is and what was, for gratitude leads to a contentment. Contentment is the antidote to a restless heart.

Remember, if it is destined, you will eventually get to your desired destination.

And if it is not meant to be, perhaps you are being protected from something that would have harmed you, had you attained it. Maybe one door has been closed, but perhaps another door has been opened and you are being directed to that which is best.

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