I remember You

I remember You. After a long time away from You, I've come to realise how important You are to me.

I remember how deeply You cared for me. It was clear from Your actions that You cared. I remember that You didn't leave me, even when everyone else did. I remember You. How could I ever forget?

I remember that You'd always give me a reason to smile. It was nice to think that life was perfect when I was with You. But of course, life had its ups and downs, even when You were close by. But with Your help, I learned to find beauty in the broken pieces of myself and the world around me. At first it wasn't easy, because nobody likes to take responsibility for something they didn't damage. But You guided and supported me all the way, until I found strength in my heart to forgive and move forward.

I remember the first time I shed tears in front of You. I was afraid that You'd walk away, just like everyone else. But You didn't. You didn't leave me. You refused to let me fight this battle alone. Instead, You ignited the hope in my heart when I thought it was extinguished forever.

I remember the moments We shared. I would cherish every moment I spent with You. It was beyond amazing to have someone to share my story with. I'd tell You everything! I loved to talk to You because you really listened. And even when I'd repeat myself, You wouldn't get annoyed at me. In fact, I remember how happy You were when I came to talk to you about my troubles. You never, ever made me feel like a burden. And You empowered me to look for answers. You encouraged me to live a life full of meaning.

I remember that You made me feel safe. You'd protect me if I was ever in danger. And to You, my life was more precious than anything in the world.

I told You things no other soul on this earth knows about. And I know, deep in my heart, that I trust you. I must admit that I was afraid of what You'd think of me, but You accepted me for who I am with unconditional love.

Sometimes I felt that You were the only one who cared. I had people in my life who only cared about me if I could do something for them. But as for You, there was nothing I could do to repay You for the abundant love and care You gave me everyday. Your concern for me was greater than my concern for You. And even though You knew this, You still continued to colour my life with kindness, compassion and mercy.

You changed my life. You changed the way I thought about life. I remember the lessons You taught me about gratitude, patience and love.

There's always something to be grateful for.
Patience is the key to success.
As for love, it cannot be explained by the words of a human, nor can the human mind fully comprehend it.
Love exists, but it's only discovered by those who are willing to make space for it in their hearts.

I remember You.
How could I forget the One who sheltered my vulnerable soul when it was shattered by the world?
How could I forget the One who remembered me in my time of pain and darkness and uplifted me in my times of happiness and joy?
How could I forget the One who dug out the love I had buried in my heart under a thousand layers of hate, bitterness and spite? The greatest archaeologists could not have extracted this priceless jewel of love from the depths of my heart, despite all their machinery, man-power and might. There were impenetrable barriers. Walls built upon fear and hurt. But somehow, You were able to reach the core of a seemingly dead heart. You broke down my fears and healed my wounds.
How could I forget the One who revived my heart and showed it the beauty of life?

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