Temporary Life

Dear Reader,

You may feel lost,

Your heart may be broken,

But Allah is the Guider

And His doors of forgiveness are open.

If we reflect on the Hereafter,

This life in comparison is like the tiniest drop of an ocean.

Seek to please Allah

By perfecting your devotion.

When you are in despair

Remember the place that beautiful flowers are grown in.

They are covered in darkness,

Just like rubies, gold and diamonds.

Know that Allah has chosen 

Your heart to be unfrozen, 

In this world that seeks to mute your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

When you call upon Allah, be sure that He hears you. He will guide you when you are lost and He will heal your heart when it is broken. You will come out of the hardship stronger than before. Put your trust in God and have hope in His ultimate love and mercy. No one will ever care more about you than the One who created you. He created you perfectly and He has chosen everything in your life to happen for a reason. Your troubles, just like the tears that fall from your eyes, will soon disappear. And that’s because nothing in this world lasts forever. So have hope in Allah and His promise of paradise. In paradise, you will never feel sad and you will never be heartbroken or hurt. And remember that an eternity of bliss awaits those who are patient in this temporary life.

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