Why was the Quran sent?

“[This is] a blessed Book which We have revealed to you, [O Muhammad], that they might reflect upon its verses and that those of understanding would be reminded.”

{Surah Sad Verse 29}

The respect we have for the Quran is a blessing. However, this respect should not stop us from connecting with it. Sadly, some Muslims believe that the Quran is not to be interacted with. They wrap it up in layers of cloth, perfume it, put it high up on a shelf, but they never actually read it with understanding.

In the Ayah above, Allah tells us that He sent this blessed book to be reflected upon. If we truly appreciated the Quran, we would allow our hearts to be moved by its beautiful verses. If you saw the moon split in half right before your very eyes, how would you feel? You’d feel beyond amazed to see such a magnificent miracle, right? You would never be able to forget about it. You might even spend hours of your day reflecting, researching and talking about this strange event. You’d want to know how, why, what or who caused it to happen.

The splitting of the moon was one of the miracles that the Prophet (saw) was given. We didn’t see it happen because that was a sign sent for a specific people at a specific time. 

On the contrary, the Quran was sent for all mankind. We are living with this miracle right now. It’s right here, in our own homes! We don’t need to travel miles to see it. People fly across the world to see amazing things like the Pyramids and Mummies. In the age of technology, a walk to the computer is the furthest distance you’d need to travel to witness the miracle of the Quran. If you have a smartphone, a downloadable copy of the Quran is just an app away. We seriously have no excuse to be disconnected from it. 

The Quran is the greatest miracle that was sent to our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), as he said,

There was none among the prophets but that he was given signs to show humanity by which they were granted faith and they believed. Verily, I have been given the divine revelation that Allah has revealed to me, so I hope that my followers will be outnumber theirs on the Day of Resurrection.” (Sahib Bukhari)

You will never leave the Quran empty-handed after reflecting upon it. There will always be something in Allah’s words to think even after you’ve closed His book. You might think to yourself, ‘I wonder why Allah chose to mention this here. Why does He want us to know this?’ The more you ponder, the more you realise how little you know. After a period of deep reflection, there will definitely come a time when you think to yourself, ‘why didn’t I start doing this before?’ 

Remember that just like there is a reward for reading the Quran, there is a reward for reflecting upon it. Reflection influences your thoughts. Your thoughts will impact your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become a part of your character. Therefore, frequently reflecting on the Quran is the way to perfect your character. Good character could be the reason you enter Jannah. The Prophet (saw) said, 

Nothing is heavier upon the scale of the believer on the Day of Resurrection than his good character.” (Tirmidhi)

In the final part of the Ayah, we learn that you will be reminded if you are a person of deep understanding. Anyone can reflect for the sake of reflection. However, to be reminded means that there’s a purpose behind your reflection. There’s something important, something worth remembering and understanding in every Ayah. 

‘Ulool Al-baab’ is the title given to the people of understanding in the Quran. The word ‘Al-baab’ comes from the root word ‘lub’ which means the core of something. The core of the human is the heart, the spiritual heart. The heart has the ability to think and feel emotion. When we love or hate, we do so with our hearts. When we ponder and reflect on the Quran, we do so with both the mind and heart. 

Only a sound heart will be able to reflect. Two characteristics of a sound heart are humility and strength. We need the strength to firmly believe Allah and His message to us. We require humility to believe even if we don’t understand everything in the Quran. 

The mistake that many intellectual people have made whilst studying the Quran is that when they do not understand it, they blame the text itself and not the limited capacity of their minds. You will come across intelligent, educated people who have studied Islam for years but for some reason, they are still not Muslim. The issue isn’t that they’re confused about Islam. They’ve got the knowledge in their minds. They can tell you that the Quran is an amazing piece of literature. They know that. It’s there in their heads. The real problem is that this understanding didn’t translate into their hearts. They didn’t possess the humility to acknowledge the truth in their hearts. 

Remember, the people of understanding have sound hearts; they are able to reflect with faith and humbleness. Therefore, when we read the Quran, we should reflect upon it and be aware of our own limited understanding. Even if we can’t comprehend the reasoning behind something in the Quran, we should not delve into doubt and let it nibble at our faith. We should go to the people of understanding and ask them. Search for the answer. Sometimes we may never be able to understand something and that’s because Allah has chosen to keep some knowledge with Himself alone. Whilst we reflect, we need to accept that we will never be able to fully grasp the wisdom behind everything in the Quran. 

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