[Video] When despite the negativity, a person can still find Islam…

As a boy Iskander had questions about existence as he would sit gazing at the stars above him. He knew little about Islam and Muslims until a class taught by an Egyptian pastor. But would the pastor’s negative opinion of Islam deter Iskander from Islam? Watch on to see how God guided him and helped him overcome… 

A very important point the brother made in this video is that when Muslims do bad things, it has nothing to do with Islam. When people kill innocent civilians in the name of Islam, they’re not representing Islam or the majority of Muslims at all. When a Muslim commits a sin, Islam doesn’t tell him or her to do that. We all commit sins because we’re human. So the next time a non-Muslim tells you that Islam is the reason people do XYZ crime, you can confidently say that Islam is perfect but Muslims make mistakes because they are human. 

If we didn’t make mistakes, this life wouldn’t be a test. We’d be like the angels who are pure and sinless. But Allah created us differently and He created this life as a test for us. If we want to go to paradise, we should try to live up to the teachings of Islam as much as we can. And remember that you may be the only Muslim someone else has ever seen, so always be on your best behaviour and show them what Islam is really about.

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