Prioritise Your Creator

Mend your relationship with Allah and He will ease your worries and take care of you. Make time for Him and you will find time for everything else. No matter how busy you get, make time for Allah and He will put barakah (blessing) in your time.💗

Some people may ask, why should I remember Him? But the real question is, why shouldn’t you? Did He not give you life? Shouldn’t we be grateful? Imagine if a mother raised a child. She loved and cared for him. Then, when this child grows up, he moves out, starts working and never calls his mother. Moreover, when he is asked about this, he replies,“I’m busy. I’ve got priorities. Why should I call her anyway?” Now, wouldn’t you think that this is an ungrateful, selfish child? Allah is more merciful to us than our own mothers yet we choose to forget the blessings, love and care He has given us. If it wasn’t for Him, you wouldn’t be here today. But you are here, so let’s make the most of your time.

There’s always an opportunity to remember Allah whether you’re on the bus, in the car, walking to and from school or work. We should remember Him before and after we eat and drink, before we sleep and when we wake up. If we listed all the times we could remember Allah, we would be here for more than just a few hours because the opportunities are endless.

Take a few moments to say Alhamdulilah (All praise be to Allah) for the blessings you have. As you wonder at the beauty of Allah’s creation, say SubhanAllah (Glory be to Allah). When your mind is troubled by problems, remember that Allah is greater and say Allahu Akbar. We often forget that remembering Allah is one of the easiest ways to earn good deeds. You can do it anywhere, at anytime.🌺

Another way to get closer to your Creator is to read the Quran with understanding. There is no Muslim in the world who ever regretted taking a 5 minute break to read and reflect on the Quran. You can spend more time if you want-that would be amazing-but the key objective is to understand the message and apply the teachings to your own life.⭐️

The problems we face and the solutions we look for are in between the covers of that very book we place so high on our shelves. We should cry at our state if we find the Quran covered in layers of dust due to our neglect. It was not sent down to be put away like an antique. It was sent as a guidance and a reminder. How do we expect Allah to help us when we build the barriers and cut off our communication with Him?💔

Some of us have enough time to watch TV and chit-chat for hours, yet when it comes to strengthening our relationship with Allah, we are too busy. Can we not sacrifice some of our time for the One who gave us time? We have to prioritise Allah because if we don’t, there will come a time when we need Him to help us and we will want Him to enter us into Paradise, yet we constantly turned away from Him and as a result, He would have every right to deny our request.

I’m sure we’ve all had that friend who only calls when they need something. You reach out to them and help them as much as you can. But what happens the moment you call for their help? They don’t answer your calls, your messages are ignored and if you’re quick enough to catch them, they always claim to be busy or stuck in some sort of dilemma.

Now sometimes, we do the same thing to Allah. When the call for prayer is announced, ‘come to prayer, come to success’, some of us ignore Allah’s invitation, often with little or no feeling of guilt. Realise that Allah doesn’t need us. We need Him. Whatever it is you were occupied with, know that the success of it and the failure of it, the good in it and the bad in it, is all in the Hands of Allah.

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