Formula for Forgiveness

But indeed, I am the Perpetual Forgiver of whoever repents and believes and does righteousness and then continues in guidance.”{Surah Taha verse 82}

The formula to earning Allah’s forgiveness is in this ayah. Allah knows that we will slip and He promises to keep forgiving us as long as we continue to turn back to Him. Ask Allah to forgive you and then make a firm decision to change for the better. When you have this noble intention in your heart, do good deeds because they will wipe out the bad ones.

Allah says in the Quran,

“Verily, the good deeds remove the evil deeds…”

{Surah Hud verse 114}

Moreover, our beloved Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said,

Be conscious of Allah wherever you are. Follow the bad deed with a good one to erase it, and engage others with beautiful character.” (Tirmidhi)

Strive to do this for the rest of your life. You’ve got to seek guidance your entire life, even after you have repented. It’s a commitment you have to be willing to make. Remember that there is no ‘date of death’ written next to your ‘date of birth’  on your birth certificate. The Angel of death will not ask for your permission before he takes your soul. No one knows when they will die. We have to be prepared to go at any moment.

After you have sincerely repented, leave the past behind and start building yourself a beautiful future that’s focused on earning Allah’s forgiveness and pleasure.

As soon as you decide to become a better Muslim, shaytan will try his best to drag you down. A thief only wants steal from the house full of riches. The faith in your heart is absolutely priceless. In order to preserve your faith, you have to strive to stay on the right path.

Allah tells us in the Quran,

[Iblees] said, “My Lord, because You have put me in error, I will surely make [disobedience] attractive to them on earth, and I will mislead them all

Except, among them, Your chosen servants.” {Surah Al-Hijr verses 39-40}

Shaytan promised Allah that he will lead us astray except for those who are sincere and rightly guided. He has no authority over those chosen servants of Allah. Allah will protect them from the devil’s plot as long as they remain truly devoted to Him.

If we lose focus and go off track, we will find ourselves vulnerable and weak against the ones who wish to destroy us. But when our hearts are guided, we will be stronger and we will have protection from Allah against the shaytan and his allies.

Continue to pray, give charity, read the Quran and speak good words. Avoid the major sins and refrain from doing the minor ones. Be constant in doing good. Once you start treading the path of guidance, don’t ever stop or turn back. If you have to take one step at a time, then do that. If you must crawl, then do that. If that is too much to ask from you, then at least don’t turn back. Don’t give up on yourself.

Shaytan would love to see all of your good deeds go to waste so he’ll keep reminding you of your past, waiting for you to give up and return to what you used to do. But that’s not who you are anymore. You are stronger than you used to be. You have already taken a huge step by deciding to change for the better. You are now determined to follow the right path in order to be successful in this life and the Hereafter.

Whenever you find yourself slipping, remember the ultimate destination: Jannah. Paradise. The gardens of bliss. That’s where you want to be. You will get there, as long as you repent, believe, do righteous deeds and then continue to seek Allah’s guidance until your last breath.💗

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