Change of Heart, Change of Mind

“We have not sent down the Qur’an unto you to cause you distress.”{Surah Taha Verse 2}

When a person is far from Islam, anything that is associated with it can seem strange at first. And even for a non-practising Muslim, the whole idea of studying their religion and the Quran, which is the word of Allah, can be overwhelming. It’s a big responsibility for a person to carry knowledge of the Quran in their heart. Perhaps they don’t feel ready to act upon all of it yet. But here, Allah tells us that the purpose of Him revealing the Quran was not to cause distress. The Quran was sent to help us. We are supposed to enjoy reading the Quran. It should be our source of tranquility. And it can be, if we can see it as a light that will bring us out of the darkness. 🌟

Allah is teaching us, in this Ayah, to have a positive mindset. Don’t assume that Allah wants to punish you by placing rules and restrictions on you. He wants good for you! He could have let us go completely astray and then we’d be miserable in this life and the next, but He chose to guide us through the Quran. If we were to ponder, we’d realise that He only prohibits us from what will harm us and He encourages us to do that which will benefit us, in both this life and the next. Isn’t that a sign of great love and mercy from our Creator?❤️

For the non Arabic speaker, it may take some time to get used to reading the Quran but as long as you are making an effort, there is no need to worry. Take your time to appreciate the beauty of Allah’s words. And try to find an easy translation of the whole Quran as this will help you to build a connection with it. Imagine if a loved one sent you a letter in a foreign language, would you not want to know what your beloved is saying to you? How much time and effort would you put into understanding their message? If we truly love Allah, we should also put a lot of effort into gaining a deep understanding of His beautiful message to us.🌺

If you would like to read the English translation online, please visit

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